Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Adult classes are taught in a group setting and usually begin with a series of warm ups followed by drills and instruction. Repeating techniques and positions will allow you to commit the techniques to muscle memory, where they will always be ready for you to use. A few of the benefits of BJJ classes, Stress relief, weight loss, muscle toning, confidence, & of course self defense. NO matter your physical condition or athletic background you will benefit from these classes. The range of personal reasons to train varies greatly, from "just for fun", to anti-bullying, rape safe, competition, stay in shape, there are many reasons to train. Because of this, we know that each individual has their own goals and reasons for training and we make sure to work with each personal as an individual to reach and go beyond their goals. All aspects of a fight/self defense or competition are covered, striking, clinchwork, closing the distance and all the various ground positions.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai, also known as Thai Boxing, is a fighting art that originated in Thailand 2,000 years ago. It is the national sport of Thailand, and is the most sought-after kickboxing style in the world. It is known for its powerful techniques of punching (boxing), elbows, knees, kicks, and angles, and has come to be dubbed "the Art of Eight Limbs."(referring to striking with 2 fists, 2 elbows, 2 knees, 2 feet) NOT to be confused with mainstream cardio kickboxing classes or karate, Muay Thai represents authentic fight training for practitioners of all levels. The Muay Thai practitioner will develop superior speed and conditioning through hard training. Classes will involve the use of shadowboxing, footwork skills, padwork, heavy bag training, and various partner drills.

Kids Bully-Proof

The kid’s class covers many of the same techniques as the adult class, in a more fun and kid friendly environment with the focus on defense and position. Your children will learn how to work together as a team and with partners, while developing themselves as individuals. They will build on their self-confidence and self-discipline while learning to respect themselves and others.